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Pakistan Society of Pediatric Oncology (PSPO) was raised as “Pakistan Society of Pediatric Oncology (PSPO)” in 2009. A meeting was held at 5 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2009. Dr. Shamvil Ashraf, Dr. Zehra Fadoo, Dr. Asim Belgaumi, Dr. Mary Taj and others attended the meeting as members.
Though initial work was comprehensive, governing body and meetings of PSPO were not held regularly. In Feb 2016, it was proposed by Dr. Shamvil Ashraf to meet all PSPO members during PSPO conference at Karachi. Dr. Zehra Fadoo, Dr. Asim Belgaumi, Dr. Mary Taj and others proposed a provisional constitution of PSPO for the discussion in meeting.​
Oncology from all over the country met on Saturday 21st April, 2016 at Avari Tower Hotel Karachi in order to form a society. It was unanimously agreed that official name of society will be “Pakistan Society of Pediatric Oncology” with official abbreviation of “PSPO”. It was also decided that until elections for office bearers the society matters will be looked after by a committee as under:​

Society Mission

 Promote awareness about childhood cancers in medical community & community at large.
 Create opportunities for training of professionals in the field of pediatric oncology.
 Develop treatment & diagnostic standards for childhood cancer in Pakistan.
 Develop robust research facilities in Pakistan in the field of childhood cancers.
 Establish practice for palliative care of children at par with international standards.
 Provide quality medical facilities & healthcare at an affordable cost.
 Set up charity fund for the treatment of children with cancer who cannot afford medical treatment.

Society Vision

 (Accessible quality cancer care for every child and adolescent)

Object of the Society

 To promote awareness about childhood cancer within the medical field and in General Public.
 To develop treatment and diagnostic standard for childhood cancer in Pakistan
 To provide quality medical facilities and healthcare at affordable charges
 To publish books magazine and journals on the subject of childhood cancer.
 To set up/ assist educational institutions to promote professional Technical education in the field of children cancer in particular and common medical in general
 To set up centers for care of victims of childhood cancer
 To grant scholarships, stipends and other financial support to the poor and needy.
 To create welfare fund for the help of the families of ailing, disabled, calamity-stricken and deceased.
 To secure, receive, accept and manage funds, donations, grants, endowments, and any other moveable property and priorities from law full sources and to utilize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objective of the society subject to the approval of competent authority i.e. district. Admin./ Income Department.
 The Promoters / office Bearers and members will not be paid employees of the society, either in cash or kind and also would not be paid employees in any manner.

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